Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Talk at Warwick

Yesterday I went to the Dept of Computer Science at Warwick to give this talk (not sure how long that link will last but there it is) on recent work on computing approximating Nash equilibria. This is my first trip to Warwick since leaving a year and a half ago. Looking at the list of talks in previous weeks, they have a nice line-up of speakers. I meet a number of former colleagues, who are in the middle of student project presentations this week.

I see the Warwick digital lab under construction; this looks like it might be some sort of opportunity for the CS dept to get involved, but I did not discover any plans for that, from people I talked to. I reckon they ought to get involved, but I did detect a moderate perception of it as threat rather than opportunity.

I finish the day by dropping in on Alun Wyburn-Powell, and having a chat with him and Diana.

The 2 other guests at the B&B are a music examininer, and a former student from Warwick CS, who had sat through some of my lectures but who didn't seem to hold it against me, and is now working for a company started by Mike Rudgeyard (like me, a former Warwick CS lecturer).

Return train trip is disrupted by high winds (never noticed them myself) which mean that I have to change trains 3 times, but in the event the total delay wasn't too bad.

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