Thursday, August 16, 2012

RA position in game theory/computer security

A colleague (Carlos Cid, at Royal Holloway) asked me to help publicise the following job opportunity. The topic (game theory applied to cyber-security) is one that I don't know much about, but could be an interesting new direction in the Algorithmic Game Theory area.

The following is a quote from the advertisement.

The use of game theoretical techniques has recently become a popular and powerful method for the design and study of security of communications systems and protocols. The traditional approach of assuming honest parties following the protocol rules, whose security may be compromised by malicious players, can in this case be replaced by the scenario in which all parties are self-interested. The modelling of security systems and protocols as games, and the use of suitable game theoretical tools in their study and design, can offer several advantages, and present a further promising field of research in Information Security.