Sunday, May 29, 2011

iAGT workshop, May 22nd-26th

I just returned from the workshop on Innovations on Algorithmic Game Theory at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. This blog post is to warmly thank the organisers, Noam Nisan and Michal Feldman and the student “volunteers” (that phrase with its inverted commas appeared on their offical T-shirts, along with a picture of a chess pawn). (Noam himself has not so far mentioned it at his blog; I guess that being too busy would be a valid excuse.) Anyway, it was a great meeting, indeed at a time when there is much to complain about academic life, a reminder of why I went into this business (ie, you get to meet up with interesting people and exchange interesting ideas). Later I’ll hopefully get around to discussing in more detail some topics that came up. There are videos of the talks and panel discussion here (and here is the link to presentations 21-37).