Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Stand up for Research" again

OK, a slightly incremental update to my previous post... the UCU petition is continuing to pick up more and more support, see this copy of an email I got today.

Stand up for Research - Last push for 20,000

Dear colleagues,

Thank you for signing UCU’s ‘Stand up for Research’ statement. The response to this campaign has been overwhelming, with more than 16,500 academics signing up.

As a result of the petition’s growth, the campaign is winning more press attention. Clive James used his ‘A Point of View’ column on Radio 4 to attack the proposals. You can read this here:

Also, read Sally Hunt’s comment in the Times Higher Magazine here:

BUT we still need more.

We have less than one week now to push as close to 20,000 as possible. Please take a moment to help us to get there. Forward this email to all your colleagues with a last request to sign up. We will be submitting this petition to HEFCE as part of our response to their consultation and every signature will count.

Colleagues can sign the statement here:

Thanks again for all your help,


Jonathan White
Deputy Head of Campaigns
Carlow Street

Meanwhile, Universities UK are proving to be a bunch of spineless yes-men; in this article their president is quoted saying about the pre-budget statement: "However, the sector is already absorbing considerable efficiency savings and the announcement that by 2012-2013, £600 million will be cut from higher education and science and research budgets will be extremely challenging for universities." (translates as: we won't lift a finger to fight back.)

Let me conclude this post with some more links etc: This image was sent to me by Greg Kochanski. This article on science budget cuts is enough to turn me into a Tory. An enthusiastic endorsement of Educators for Reform - read the blurb on the web site - great stuff.