Friday, October 17, 2014

Oxford Algorithms Day 2015

The Oxford Algorithms Day will take place on the 15th April 2015. It's the latest in a series of one-day algorithms meetings that have been held on an ad-hoc basis at various UK universities that have algorithms/computational complexity research groups. Below is a list of previous similar events, most of which have better acronyms than this one.

2014 (MAD):
2013 (QMAD) :
2012 (Oxford’s Algorithms Workshop, 2 days):
2010 (BAD):
2010 (ACiD, 3 days):
2009 (BAD):
2008 (DIMAP):
2008 (LAD):
2007 (ACiD, 3 days):
2006 (ACiD, 3 days);
2005 (ACiD, 3 days);
2003 (LAD):
2002 (WAD) Warwick: Speakers: Claire Kenyon (Mathieu), Uri Zwick, Muthu Muthukrishnan,
Ian Stewart, Tomasz Radzik, Richard Brent, Leszek Gasieniec, Vladimir Deineko
2001 (WAD) Warwick: Speakers: Richard Cole, Wilfrid Kendall, Martin Dyer, Paul Goldberg,
Graham Brightwell, Mark Jerrum, Leszek Gasieniec, David Manlove
1999 (LAD):