Monday, March 10, 2008

A random rant about global warming

I'm sure someone else has made the following point, probably more articulately than this, but I just haven't seen it yet...

So, there are people like myself, who believe that glocal warming is a genuine problem that we should do something about, and there are two kinds of opposing view: some people disbelieve in glocal warming entirely, and there are others who say that glocal warming is not man-made; it's natural, caused by sun-spots or something like that, so there is no point us trying to deal with it. And it's that latter viewpoint that strikes me as completely unworthy of respect, for the following reason:

By way of analogy, suppose I find a lump on my skin, and say "Yaah! I think I've got cancer!". The glocal-worming deniers are like someone who says: "ignore it, it's probably something benign". But the ones who dismiss global warming as being a natural phenomenon, are like someone who says "Well, cancer is natural, people often die of it, so stop complaining. Don't bother with a doctor and don't bother to change your lifestyle.". That is, their attitude is completely defeatist. Maybe we have the ability to save our lives, but those people simply don't want to use that ability.

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