Monday, March 03, 2008

Product endorsement

We all know, of course, that game boy cartridges are washable. They can go through the washer and tumble-drier, and are still usable. When it comes to mobile phones, by contrast, the Sony Ericsson W800i cannot even be safely taken out in a rainstorm without suffering catastrophic water damage. A few months ago, when I sent in Arthur's Sony W800i for warranty repair/service, they refused to help me, citing "water ingress contamination" or some such phrase.

It would seem like an experiment not worth attempting, to take an alternative brand of mobile phone, of unspecified water resistance, and subject it to the same test that game boy cartridges have successfully undergone. But, to the true scientist, there is no experiment not worth attempting, and Isaac's LG phone, LG KG220 has just survived it! The screen was a bit fogged after rescue from the drier, but a couple of days later, and we just made a call from it!

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