Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I am at the 5th Modeles Formels de l'Interaction; tomorrow I give a talk on the PPAD-completeness of computing Nash equilibrium. The meeting is in Lannion, in Brittany, I gather it's following the Dagstuhl approach of being out of the way in order for people to socialise. Although, getting there by train is pretty straightforward, even allowing for the poor quality of the web site that sells the tickets; it's not as out-of the-way as the Estonia winter school in March. Today I attended some talks on computational social choice and met up with some of the people who came to COMSOC. Air France lost my suitcase and my time spent online will be brief to conserve battery of laptop (the charger is in the suitcase.) Any questions by email relating to recent job announcements will have to wait until Friday.

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