Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Advertising PhD studentships

(The following is motivated by my work on PhD admissions at Liverpool CS.)

Terence Tao opines that you should move from place to place when you progress from undergraduate to postgraduate to postdoctoral research. I tend to agree, but my sense is that within the UK most students are reluctant to do so.

One obstacle is that departments like to keep their best undergraduate students on their own PhD programmes, another is lack of information about outside opportunities, and which research strengths are located in which departments. New and new-ish web sites that advertise PhD study opportunities may alleviate this problem. Here's a list I made after hunting around; I thought that findaphd.com is probably the best for finding phd studentships, and the discussions on the postgraduateforum will be of interest to most current PhD students. These web sites are mainly geared towards specific projects; to locate general research strengths still requires a prospective student to ask around, or visit individual department web sites.

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At any rate, I liked some of the vadlo researcher cartoons!