Friday, March 05, 2010

inaugural lecture

The illustration is from one of my slides - it is intended to give an idea of how to make a hard instance of 2D-SPERNER. I must thank my colleagues in the EcCo research group for the talks they gave in the morning, also Troels Bjerre Sorensen, David Manlove, Kousha Etessami and Bernhard von Stengel for visiting and giving very nice talks in the afternoon, as well as other visitors and everyone who attended the talks.


Troels said...

Are you posting the postscript code for that picture as well?


Paul Goldberg said...

My software's a secret between me and the interpreter! (and don't expect any hints about effective usage of the stereo-vision package either, I plan to stay ahead of the game for a while)

daniel said...

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