Thursday, January 28, 2010

New MSc course

We have started advertising our new MSc degree course in Computation and Game Theory. (I am hoping it will not confused with computer games; the summary below should help.) Here are details on the department's web site. Here is the link on the university's web site for applying to join the course.

The following is a 100-word summary that should appear in findamasters:
Success stories of the Internet giants like Google have generated great interest in new techniques for e-commerce. New career opportunities are emerging that exploit the rapidly expanding research area in the intersection of economics and computer science. These arise both in research and commercial development. The MSc in Computation and Game Theory program aims at providing students with a broad understanding of current issues and gaining specialist qualification in this field. The program covers a number of foundational theoretical areas, including cutting edge modules such as algorithmic mechanism design, and covering modern applications such as Google's sponsored search auctions.
This is of course the general topic of the Economics and Computation Research Group.

Piotr Krysta is the main contact for details.


Ali said...

How about an MRes degree for this subject?

I'm currently studying an MRes in AI and finding it quite interesting. Generally I think it is the best approach for PhD. Considering the new Economics and Computation research group, probably couple of MRes students can help with some projects and publications as well.

Paul Goldberg said...

That is well worth thinking about. We're put together quite a carefully planned course of taught material, but it may be possible to identify subsets of it that could be taken in combination with a more extensive project. Would probably have to wait until 2011 entry however.