Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Competitive journals

I just got an email circular to "Editors and Reviewers of Games and Economic Behavior" (I am just a humble reviewer, not an editor). It noted that last year it received over 500 submissions and anticipates publishing under 80 papers per year. Two points raised were: Please raise the bar (only accept papers of broad interest) and Faster publication - each new issue to contain about one-third of the papers in the current publication queue.

In the context of recent discussions about whether CS journals can, or ought, to be more competitive than conferences, these points look like good ones to bear in mind for journals that want to be competitive. (Of course, it's fun to stereotype people and research areas, and say that it's appropriate that a game theory journal should have figured that out. But, most other research areas also have the feature that the top journals are what are important.)

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