Thursday, May 07, 2009

Paperless communications

For our last department meeting we got sent the agenda as an email attachment, and I must admit to not reading it; that's the kind of thing that really ought to be distributed on paper, in order to attract loyal readers. Let's face it, just about any communication is more likely to be read if the sender feels the need to print it off rather than just send electronic copy. I reckon that Dagstuhl's reluctance to use this newfangled "Internet" for the purpose of distributing its invitations to workshops, plays a part in its brand recognition and loyalty. On the downside, to agree to attend seminar 10101 I had to search the stationery closet for an envelope (just underneath the spare daisy-wheels and typewriter ribbons), find it's so old that the glue no longer works, then try to remind myself how to use the fax machine... But once that's done, I feel kind of committed.

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