Monday, March 16, 2009

Wiebe Fest 2009

Here at Liverpool Computer Science we just had Wiebe Fest 2009, "A workshop in honour of our friend and colleague Prof. Wiebe Van Der Hoek on the occasion of his 50th birthday". (that is from the front cover of the proceedings). Occasions like this are a wonderful morale-booster, since they remind us about the intrinsic interest of our research topics, that we have some great colleagues, and they distract our attention from all the nonsense that besets the academic world. (This event was arranged as a complete surprise for Wiebe, and I did not have much more notice that he did; my only contribution was to turn up to it about half an hour late. photos.)


Arvind Narayanan said...

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Paul Goldberg said...

That is fine with me; I always wondered what the hell the "aggregator" tag meant when I saw it on other blogs.