Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Odious Organisation

For a few weeks I have been receiving spam email from an organisation based in London called "The LifeLeague", an extremist anti-abortion organisation that also opposes various other things such as stem-cell research, and is not too fond of homosexuals either. (As an aside, they also call themselves an anti-spam organisation, but I cannot agree with this claim, since I have tried unsuccessfully to get off their mailing list. Although, unusually for spammers, their emails have an address and phone numbers.)

Mostly I delete their emails without looking beyond the subject line, but I did take a look at today's effort, which included the following:

IVF Linked to Infertility

Britain is facing an infertility timebomb because the increasing use of IVF means that couples with inherited fertility problems are able to have children and pass the condition on to the next generation.

The LifeLeague says: These latest findings only serve to back up what we as pro-lifers have been saying for so long. IVF - as well as being immoral - is medically dangerous too. Thanks to IVF, vulnerable, desperate, childless couples are being exploited.

The Telegraph 15.02.08 Click here for more information.

Let's ignore for now the fact that this hysterical alarmism about fertility decline flies in the face of every available shred of evidence. What's most noteworthy about this comment is the conclusions that it entails, once we follow this logic to its conclusion. Because, if people with poor fertility pose a theat to the gene pool, the same presumably holds for all sorts of other undesirables, such as diabetics, the chronically obese, and maybe even the short-sighted. I suppose, if the LifeLeague were to have it's way with all these substandard human beings, it might eventually nullify the need for stem-cell research, thus helping to achieve one of their objectives.

The Nazis were the most notorious for outlawing abortion, homosexuality and the genetically inferior. Lest we forget, their intellectual heirs are not lurking in the closet; they are still openly campaigning in our streets and cities.

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