Monday, August 06, 2007


I phone John Lewis to reschedule a furniture delivery. I am only partially successful. I log on to the Elsevier website to fill in a "journal publication agreement" related to a recently-accepted paper. I try to find Thelma to hand in a delivery note that came with some software I ordered, and ask her about how to pay for an air ticket for a research visitor. She is not in her office, but the light's on. Should I move on to the next item that's suggested by the headers in my in-box? (There's something from Vladimir about PhD admissions.) Trouble is, if I read that, I'll forget about the air ticket question. Therein lies the key problem with the "inbox zero" concept that Christoph told me about - you can't complete these tasks in order and then delete the associated emails. While I'm pondering this, I take a look at some rubbish article on the BBC news website, which somehow reminds me that I am supposed to be finding out about go-karting for when Greg and his family visit. Hmm, probably the "inbox zero" idea assumes you maintain a to-do list other than your inbox. I peep cautiously at my inbox through half-closed eyes. Someone has sent me a review of a WINE submission that I had asked them for — We must be thankful for small mercies. That reminds me, it's time to pester two other reviewers for their reviews, before it gets too late...

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